Industry Collaboration

This program reaches out to Corporate America's University Relations and Research groups for collaboration with IIT Roorkee for several initiatives, such as: 

  • Invite grant proposals from faculty and students 
  • Provide lab equipment (Hardware/ Software) to supplement classroom teaching
  • Paid internships for students ranging from 3 to 12 months
Program Chair :  Job Description


                                Pradeep Kathail
                        MS (Computer Science) 1995

 Results (with collaboration of IITR alums working at these companies)

2004: Intel set up a Planet Labs in E&C Dept

2005: IITRHF hosted Director Prem Vrat and took him to several companies & universities for collaboration

2005: Cisco set up equipment for a Telephony and Security Lab in E&C Dept.
offers to upgrade entire IITR campus networking infrastructure at 90% discount

2006: Prof Kukum Garg (E&C) hosted at Cisco USA labs to write grant proposals

2006: Cisco Research delegation visits IITR to encourage students & staff to submit proposal grants

2007: IITRHF hosted Director S.C.Saxena and took him to several companies & universities for collaboration

2008: Cisco sponsors 16th IEEE conference, organized by IITR, in New Delhi

2013: Cisco USA invites IITR & IITGN (the only 2 Indian schools) for an year long paid internship

2014: One IITGN & eight IITR students join Cisco USA (1st batch) on one year leave from academics

2015:Cisco sponsors Hackathon at Cognizance, IITR's Annual Technical Cultural Festival, held Mar 27-29th,, powered by IITR founded startup

2015: Four IITR students join Cisco USA (2nd batch) on one year leave from academics

3rd batch of Cisco International Interns (2016-17):

       Darshil Chauhan       Gaurav Singhal                                                        
               IITGN             JP Institute of IT                                                                                      

2nd batch of Cisco International Interns (2015-16):


    Abhishek Ambastha    Anshul Agrawal        Peeyush Jain             Vindeep Singh
                 IITR                        IITR                      IITR                         IITR

1st batch of Cisco International Interns (2014-15): 





Swati Maheshwari
Ronak Lakhwani
 Sarvesh Ranjan
Rishabh Jain






Ashish Singh
Alka Yadav Aditya Jain Yogesh Kapila


Ravi Kumar