Founders and Board

Founders (All founders are permanent Board Members)

The following alums have contributed countless hours of service or initial pledged funding of $10,000 during the founding years of 2007-2009.


Aditya GuptaAjit Gupta  Harish GoyalManoj Goel
BE (Mech) 1974

President 2012-13
BE (Elect) 1984 

  BE (Civil) 1979
Distinguished Alum
President 2007-09

BE (Mech) 1981
Distinguished Alum
President 2010-11


Ramesh Mehra

Seema Gupta

 BE (Mech) 1966
Distinguished Alum 
President 2014 

 B Arch 1985

Board Members



Anurag Bhargava
BE (Comp Sc.) 1995

 Pradeep Kathail
MS (Comp Sc) 1985
President 2018-
Dr. Kiran Panesar
BE (Comp Sc) 1989 
Dr. Vivek Varma
BE (Ind) 1983
President 2017

Past Board Members


 Dr. Hari Sharma  Mohinder Nayyar    Dr. Rakesh Agrawal   Pradyumna Misra
 BE (Civil) 1964  BE (Mech) 1966
Distinguished Alum
 BE (E&C) 1974
Distinguished Alum 
BE (E&C) 1978
President 2015-16
Board Member 2012-14 Board Member 2017-18
Board Member 2015-16

Board Member 2010-16



  Praveen GuptaSarvesh Mahesh  
 BE (E&C) 1978  BE (E&C) 1982  
  Board Member 2010-12
Board Member 2007-09 


Past Officers



   Johri DhanotraShreyas KumarGaurav Kumar
Neeraj Gupta

BE (Civil) 1996
VP, US Operations

B. Arch 1999
Program Chair,
Guest Lectures

Chief Technology Officer
 Outreach & Development (India)




   Swati Maheshwari

ME (Comp Sc.)  2015
Chief Technology Officer