Founders and Board

Founders (All Founders Are Permanent Board Members)

The following alums have contributed countless hours of service or initial pledged funding of $10,000 during the founding years of 2007-2009.


Aditya GuptaAjit Gupta  Harish GoyalManoj Goel
BE (Mech) 1974

President 2012-13
BE (Elect) 1984 

  BE (Civil) 1979
Distinguished Alum
President 2007-09

BE (Mech) 1981
Distinguished Alum
President 2010-11


Ramesh Mehra

Seema Gupta

 BE (Mech) 1966
Distinguished Alum 
President 2014 

 B Arch 1985

Board Members



Anurag Bhargava
BE (Comp Sc.) 1995

 Pradeep Kathail
MS (Comp Sc) 1985
President 2018-
Dr. Kiran Panesar
BE (Comp Sc) 1989 
Dr. Vivek Varma
BE (Ind) 1983
President 2017

Past Board Members

 Sarvesh Mahesh  Pradeep Kathail Praveen Gupta
  Pradyumna Misra
 BE (E&C) 1982  MS (Comp. Science) 1985  BE (E&C) 1978 BE (E&C) 1978
President 2015-16
Board Member 2007-09 Board Member 2007-12
Board Member 2010-12

Board Member 2010-16



  Dr. Hari Sharma Dr. Rakesh AgrawalMohinder Nayyar   
BE (Civil) 1964 BE (E&C) 1974 BE (Mech) 1966 
  Board Member 2012-14
Distinguished Alum 
Board Member 2015-16

Distinguished Alum
Board Member 2017-18

Past Officers



   Johri DhanotraShreyas KumarGaurav Kumar
Neeraj Gupta

BE (Civil) 1996
VP, US Operations

B. Arch 1999
Program Chair,
Guest Lectures

Chief Technology Officer
 Outreach & Development (India)




   Swati Maheshwari

ME (Comp Sc.)  2015
Chief Technology Officer