Directed Donors

This program is available for IITRHF Lion or Personalized donors

The donor should negotiate with IITR, detailing intended purpose, amount and milestones, in a signed MOU. The donor should not send any funds to IITRHF until their proposal has been reviewed and approved by IITRHF board. The entire directed donation proceed will be sent to IITR as per donor's request.

In case of a group donation, we suggest group lead to be our lion donor and other members of the group can be lion or club donors.

Our Directed donors have contributed funds to IITR through IITRHF for specific purposes as per their choice

 Name, Branch, Year

Amount, Purpose, Donation Year


Dr. Rakesh Agrawal
BE (E&C) 1974

Distinguished Alum 2010

Established an 
annual best faculty award of Rs 2 lacs, by donating a corpus fund of $24,000



Mohinder Nayyar
BE (Mechanical) 1966

Distinguished Alum 2016


To establish Alumni Energy Center & Scholarships



Prof Shamsher Prakash
BE (Civil) 1954

Distinguished Alum 2008


Created a Chair Professor to accelerate research and development, teaching and training in the area of Soil Dynamics and Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering



Rajendra Aggarwala
BE (Electrical) 1953

Established Memorial Trophy and annual Rs. 10,000 cash award by donating a corpus fund of Rs. 2 lacs for academic excellence and outstanding community service



Raj Singh
BE (Electrical) 1968

Distinguished Alum 2016


Sponsor of IITRHF Buisiness Plan Competition



Kiran Panesar
BE (Computer Science) 1989