Heritage Internship

Program Chair
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Coordinator - IITR Campus Operation

BE (Mechanical) 1981
Distinguished Alum

Anuj Varshneya
B.E. Civil 1982



Facilitate summer research internships in academia to broaden student's outlook and research goals

Benefits for students

  • Conduct research with leading faculty in reputed universities

  • Interact with other PhD and post-doctoral research students

  • Explore graduate and doctoral programs and advisers

Benefits for faculty

  • Find bright students with a passion for research and learning

  • Screen potential doctoral and post-doctoral candidates

  • Know that your guidance made a difference in someone’s life

Benefits for donors

  • Support a program that promotes students in academia

  • Be a proud sponsor of a program for your alma-mater

  • Gratitude of being able to provide opportunities far greater than that available when you were a student

Steps for faculty and student

  • Willing faculty advertise positions online at IITRHF and set the minimum requirements for applicants
  • IITR students apply online at IITRHF
  • Faculty interviews and select student(s)

Typical cost: An internship may cover travel, boarding, lodging, and administrative expense
                           (IITRHF does not facilitate any documentation for visa-processing)

Funding resource: Faculty grants, department of university grants, and student's personal funds
                                        (Remainder of the needs may be supported by IITRHF based on resources under this program)


  • Role of program chair and co-chair is of match-maker and to facilitate the funding process.

  • IITRHF will list possible opportunities on website after confirming with participating faculty.

  • Students will apply at online application form.

  • Program chair may help shortlist the qualifying applicants based on agreed-upon/ pre-determined criteria.

  • Faculty members will then review shortlisted students for interview.

  • Approved grant will be disbursed to the faculty or the student.

If a student finds an opportunity in any country on their own and seeks support from IITRHF, such a support will also be considered by the committee on case by case basis.

Apply Here: Application Form

Participating Faculty (The list will grow as more faculty members come on-board)

Faculty Brief Bio Areas of InterestLink to Faculty Page

Prof. Brij Agrawal

Dept. of Mech. & Aerospace, Naval PG School, Monterey, CA, USA

- ME Mech. '66, IITR
- PhD Mech., Syracuse Univ., USA

Spacecraft design, acquisition, tracking and pointing, jitter control, and adaptive optics control for imaging spacecraft, laser communications, and high energy laser beam control.

Required: US citizen / PR


Prof. Vipin Kumar
Dept. of CS, Univ. of Minnesota, MN, USA

- BE E&C '77, IITR
- PhD CS, Univ. of Maryland, USA

Data mining and parallel computing, Bioinformatics

At least 3rd year undergrad or masters with 8.5+ GPA 


Prof. Ajay Agrawal
Dept. of Mech., Univ. of Alabama, AL, USA

- BE Mech '80, IITR
- PhD Mech, Univ. of Miami, USA

- Combustion and fluid flow in microgravity/ in gas turbine systems
- Applied computational fluid dynamics
- Design of thermal fluid systems

Prof. Subhash Suri
Dept. of CS, Univ. of California at Santa Barbara, CA, USA
- BE E&C '81, IITR
- PhD CS, John Hopkins Univ., USA

Algorithms and Data Structures, Computational Geometry, Data Science, Optimization

Prof. Pankaj Agarwal
Dept. of CS, Duke Univ., NC, USA

- BE E&C '82, IITR
- PhD CS, New York Univ., USA

Geometric computing, approximation algorithms, GIS, databases and data mining

Prof. Venkat Lakshmi
Engineering Systems & Environment,
Univ of Virginia,
VA 229o4

- BE Civil '87, IITR
- PhD Civil & Environmental, Princeton Univ.,  USA 

Environmental Sciences



Prof. S. K. Gupta

Dept. of Aerospace & Mech., Univ. of Southern California, CA, USA

- BE Mech. '88, IITR
- PhD Mech., Univ. of Maryland, USA
Computer Aided Design, Manufacturing Automation, and Robotics



Prof. Ananth Grama
Dept. of CS, Purdue Univ., IN, USA

- BE CS '89, IITR
- PhD CS, Univ. of Minnesota, USA

Parallel and distributed computing architectures, algorithms & applications. 

Development of software support for dynamic clustered & multi-clustered environments. Recent work focused on resource location and allocation mechanisms in peer-to-peer networks.


Prof. Alisa Piekny
Dept. of Biology, Co-Director, Centre for Microscopy, Concordia Univ., Montreal, Canada

- PhD Univ. of Calgary, Canada

Gain a stronger understanding of how the cytoskeleton is regulated during dynamic events such as cytokinesis and cell shape change (morphogenesis)


List of Awardees

Photo Name ActivityHost Faculty Sponsor

Applied Maths
Class of 2020

Research Fellow - Summer 2018
  Purdue University, Lafayette, USA

Worked on: Novel classification algorithms to determine storms from satellite images, expected to be incorporated in an ISRO satellite in 2018.

Purdue University, USA

Biotech Eng
Class of 2020
Research Fellow - Summer 2019
Concordia University, Montreal, Canada

Worked on: A novel algorithm for biological sequence compression that makes use of both statistical properties and repetition within sequences.
Concordia University, Canada