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Lion Donors (1960-69)

  • Our Lion donors have contributed $1000 (approx Rs 60,000) or higher
  • For donors of $5000 and higher, we have established personalized annual excellence awards in their family name (For details- see the Heritage Excellence Awards link under Programs)


Virendra Sharma 
BE (Civil) 1960



BE (E&C) 1964
"The real job of a teacher is to take a rough diamond and make it a polished one"


Personalized Award Donor


Personalized Award Donor


BE (Mechanical) 1966

Distinguished Alum 2016


Personalized Award Donor

 Pradeep Kumar
BE (Mechanical)


BE (Mechanical) 1966
Distinguished Alum 2010
"Most challenges can be addressed by persistent hard work and the help of right network of people"
"Do not cut corners on hiring the best professional help"
"A great attorney or a doctor is worth his weight in gold"


Personalized Awards Donor


BE (E&C) 1967




BE (Civil) 1967



BE (EE) 1968

Distinguished Alum 2016

Annual Business Plan Competition


ME (Mechanical) 1969

Distinguished Alum 2018


BE (Metallurgy) 1969

"To get something you never had, you have to do something you never did."


Personalized Award Donor