Industry Internship

This program reaches out to Corporate America's University Relations and Research groups for collaboration with IIT Roorkee for several initiatives, such as:

    • Invite grant proposals from faculty and students

    • Provide lab equipment (Hardware/ Software) to supplement classroom teaching

    • Paid internships for students ranging from 3 to 12 months

Program Chair : Job Description

Pradeep Kathail

MS (Computer Science) 1985

Results (with collaboration of IITR alums working at these companies)

2004: Got Intel set up a Planet Labs in E&C Department.

2005: Hosted IITR Director Prem Vrat in US, took him to several companies & universities for collaboration

2005: Got Cisco to set up equipment for a Telephony and Security Lab in E&C Department.

Cisco offers to upgrade entire IITR campus networking infrastructure at 90% discount.

2006: Hosted Prof Kukum Garg (E&C Dept at IITR) at Cisco USA labs to write grant proposals.

2006: Took Cisco Research delegation to IISc, IITR, IITK, IITB, IITD to encourage students & staff to submit proposal grants.

2007: IITRHF hosted Director S.C.Saxena and took him to several companies & universities for collaboration.

2008: Got Cisco to sponsor the 16th IEEE conference, organized by IITR, in New Delhi.

2013: Added IITR & IITGN (the only 2 Indian universities) to Cisco International 1 year paid internship.

2014: Nine IITR & IITGN students join Cisco USA (1st batch) international internship.

2015: Cisco sponsors Hackathon at Cognizance, IITR's Annual Technical Cultural Festival, held Mar 27-29th,, powered by IITR founded startup

2015-20: Cisco extends 1 year internship program to all Indian accredited universities

2020: Collaboration with Google for Quantum Computing Residency Program

Open to MS and PhD students. They can work from IITR campus on Google Quantum Computing projects.

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Cisco Program & Applications:


2014-15 Cisco international interns

Swati Maheshwari

IIT Roorkee

Ronak Lakhwani

IIT Roorkee

Sarvesh Ranjan

IIT Roorkee

Rishabh Jain

IIT Roorkee

Ashish Singh

IIT Roorkee

Alka Yadav

IIT Roorkee

Aditya Jain

IIT Roorkee

Yogesh Kapila

IIT Roorkee

Ravi Kumar

IIT Gandhinagar


2015-16 Cisco international interns

Abhishek Ambastha Anshul Agrawal Peeyush Jain Vindeep Singh

IIT Roorkee IIT Roorkee IIT Roorkee IIT Roorkee


2016-17 Cisco international interns

Darshil Chauhan Gaurav Singhal

IIT Gandhinagar Jaypee Institute


2018-19 Cisco international intern

Anubhav Garg

BITS, Pilani


2019-20 Cisco international interns

Pratham Gupta Sai Ram Srinivas Jayaram

IIT Roorkee IIT Madras Anna University