BPC 2013

Business Plan Competition 2013

June 15 Online Registration Open, sign-up for intent to participate

June 15 Deadline for submitting Executive Summary

July 15 Feedback provided. Coach/Mentor assigned

Aug 10 Deadline for submitting Final Business Plan

Aug 20 Award winners announced

Entries are invited from IIT Roorkee students and recent alumni (graduated in or after 2008) who are in the process of starting new and independent ventures and those in start-up or early growth stages. All selected teams receive formal mentoring, advice and guidance to refine their ideas and business plan to successfully launch their ventures. It is a great opportunity to learn from seasoned entrepreneurs and win some cash awards.

All entries are eligible for cash prizes and recognition.

Best Overall Business Plan $1500 (INR 75000)

Judges’ Choice Award $500 (INR 25000)

Most Innovative Idea $500 (INR 25000)

Honorable Mentions $100 (INR 5000)

Submit viable and creative business plans in the areas of Life sciences, Energy, IT/software/online/internet, Consumer product/service/retail, and Non-profit.

Everyone receives feedback on their submission.

Please review Business Plan Competition 2013 for more information on the goals, eligibility, prizes, process and great opportunity it offers.

The team leader must sign up online at BPC2013 Registration to indicate their intent to participate and provide important contact information. After registration you will be able to submit an Executive Summary and Business Plan later. Contact BPC Info for any questions about this competition.

Business Plan Competition 2013 Results

This year’s competition was very successful and while the total number of eligible entries was down from last year due to poor timing on our part but the quality was certainly higher.

The participants were required to submit Executive Summaries of their plans which were then evaluated on a published rubric to determine entries moving to next round. Each team that submitted an Executive Summary received detailed feedback on their plans and each team moving forward received coaching and mentoring from our panel as they prepared for their presentations. The teams in this round prepared and then made a live presentation and Q&A online to a panel of judges and were evaluated on a pre-announced judging criteria. The last step was the submission of the business plan that accommodated all the feedback along the way and these plans were evaluated on the same criteria. It was a tough competition and very little separated the teams from each other and the final standings were based the evaluations at every stage of the process. The award winners for this year are:

Congratulations to the prize winners and thanks to all participants who took time and effort to participate in the competition and make it into a lively contest. The award certificates and checks have already been distributed. As part of the awards is a one paragraph listing of the winning ideas/companies and it is below:

Swarajneeti is an initiative in the direction of democratic reforms in India. With its first initiative Meravote.in, it aims to take the people’s agendas into the parliament with the help of the citizen’s manifesto.

E-Concept provides a platform where students can purchase and sell used books to us through a website at reasonable prices with an added service of room delivery and an efficient search on website, solving the problem of unreasonably high prices of used books in the market.

Travel Easy will let passengers book nearest available 3 wheeler at their current location from a mobile phone.

MoodSense plans to provide user generated content arranged in an order based on user’s mood, interests, followings and past interaction with website.

PosterGully.com is an online marketplace for brands to monetize their brand value through merchandise (Posters, Decals, Stickers, Skins, Artwork, Framed Art etc.). We provide platform for Individual designers, artists, brands to leverage their fan following to generate revenue.

We wish all of them the very best and invite them to stay connected and seek guidance on their start up if they so desire.

Many people helped out to make this a successful event and I’d like to thank Dr. Arun Kumar for publicizing the competition on IIT-R campus, and Gaurav Kumar for help with the website. I also want to thank and acknowledge contributions from Manoj Goel, Harish Goyal, Abhai Johri, Gopaluni Sridhar and Sanjay Keswani who reviewed entries, provided mentoring and feedback and sat through and evaluated presentations as well as final plans.

We are always looking to get more alumni involved so the participants can benefit from your knowledge and experience. If you’d like to help out please contact Entrepreneurship Chair. The time commitment is between 10 to 20 hours over a period of 3 months and the effort involved is reviewing less than 5 applications and providing feedback, and mentoring 1 or 2 of the contestants selected after the Executive Summary round.

This concludes the 2013 Business Plan Competition. Contact BPC Info if you want to learn more about this competition.