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Techbuddy Consulting

Techbuddy Consulting is an initiative of SIX IIT – Roorkee graduates. We excel in providing holistic package of comprehensive custom business and technical solutions to the SME industries and higher educational institutions to help them achieve the next level of performance, increase revenue and to maximize the value they derive from their IT investment through the deployment of a technology and expertise that is trusted, experienced and efficacious.

We aim to identify the bottlenecks existing at different levels in an organization, hindering its prospects, through various innovatively designed dynamic techniques and methods. This is followed by a scientific analysis of the problems leading to the development of highly cost effective techno-managerial solutions for them implemented through exhaustive processes by highly professional teams of the young green brains of the country.

Our Motto is “Don’t Just Create, Innovate”, Innovation is our Drive. It helps us go beyond our client’s needs and expectations and deliver a product that is affordable, delivered on time and of a quality that is unmatched. We contemplate complete Client Satisfaction by implementing innovative solutions.

As our business diversifies, we are continuously looking forward to having talented & interested people who can add the value to this company. Ours is a setup where students join us as associates even when they are having their academic semester on, that is, they can work with our team or create their own teams within our organization while in the college, with benefits extending from establishing a self owned enterprise, including monetary to a real time consulting experience plus huge prospects at our company

Currently we are doing well with 3 clients already with us, in the Education sector. We plan to become a complete consulting company including tax, management & law by the end of this year.

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