Internet Junction

  • Manoj is a Senior Business Development Manager at Cisco for Unified Communications and Wireless services. He began his career as a technologist at Intel and later transitioned to Marketing and Operations experience at Excelan/ Novell, Apple Computer, and Cisco Systems.

    • During his career Manoj has successfully built/ helped build businesses in Security/ Mobile Wireless space. As co-founder and VP, Marketing of Internet Junction, he negotiated with SUN to include Internet Junction’s Novell to Internet connectivity on SUN’s first Netra® platform, resulting in great visibility for the startup and acquisition by Cisco. As advisor to several other private companies in wireless, VoIP and content space, he has assisted them with business strategy, strategic alliances and venture introductions.

    • Manoj holds MBA from Haas School of Business (UC Berkeley), MS in Computer Science from Syracuse University and BS in Mechanical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology at Roorkee. He is an active member of TiE: The Indus Entrepreneurs – a global non-profit organization focused on entrepreneurs. In the past, he served as President of IIT Roorkee Alumni Association of Northern California and Vice-President of Pan IIT USA foundation.