Teaching & Research

Excellence in teaching, research and service are hallmarks of any institution of higher learning. The primary function of an academic institution is to provide best possible education for the students. Research and teaching go hand-in-hand at the graduate level. Therefore, for achieving excellence in graduate education faculty must be active and up-to-date in research and latest developments in their fields, and bring all of that to the students. At the undergraduate level the faculty must be dedicated to lay solid foundation and prepare the students for their future pursuit, be it practice or higher studies.

Program Chairs : Job Description


Prof. Subhash Goel

BE (Civil) 1958

Main focus of this program will be on teaching and research. The faculty at IITR will be encouraged to include in their courses presentations by invited speakers on related special topics. The faculty will also be encouraged to develop contacts and research collaborations with selected research colleagues in the U.S. Tele-presence and tele-conferencing tools will be utilized in the conduct of these activities for most part. IITR Heritage Foundation will provide assistance and coordination as needed by the interested IITR faculty.