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Heritage Fund Excellence Awards

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The IITRHF excellence annual awards recognize students for outstanding academic, co-curricular and extra-curricular achievements. All students including those on loans and scholarships can apply. The award amount is declared annually based on the donor pool.
General awards are funded by the pool of IITRHF Club donors and Seed donors
Personalized awards are funded by IITRHF Seed donors
2008-09 Academic Year Awards: All 48 awards were announced and 43 were collected in person. A certificate, a check in the amount of Rs 5,000 and an IIT Roorkee alumni Tie was presented to each awardee during the annual Alumni function (Silver/ Golden/ Diamond Jubilee) at the IIT Roorkee Campus on 24th-25th October, 2009. Former Director Prof D.V. Singh, Prof Prem Krishna and many more came forward with a lot of appreciation to such initiatives. Current Director, Prof S.C. Saxena has been highly supportive to make it possible. Attached below are some photographs of the occasion.

Alumni Guest Lectures Launched (Oct, 2009)

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Alumni Guest lecture series provides a forum for alumni visiting India to share their expertise with students on campus. IIT Roorkee Heritage Foundation will facilitate the logistics.

Heritage Fund Opens Account at IITR Campus Branch of State Bank of India

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For the ease of funds distribution at IITR campus activities, Heritage Fund has opened an account at the
IT Roorkee campus branch of the State Bank of India on Oct 5, 2009.

Heritage Fund Organizing "Mobilize-The-Cloud" Event

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IIT Roorkee Heritage Foundation is organizing an exciting "Mobilize-The-Cloud" event in collaboration with Google Inc. 
For more Details:

Heritage Fund Sponsored Paper Presentation

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Vinod Asokan 
A research scholar in Department of Physics was granted the first IIT Roorkee Heritage Foundation scholarship for presenting paper at ICMAT (International Conference on Materials for Advanced Technologies) 2009 in Singapore on June 28 - July 3 , 2009. 
Research Work
Using the latest approach of electron-photon line widths for various scattering mechanisms in the relaxation time approach, the thermal conductivity of Bi-Sr-Ca-Cu-O superconductors was analyzed successfully. The concept of electronic thermal conductivity and lattice thermal conductivity was ruled out in the present formulation.
His Response
It was my great pleasure to receive financial assistance from IIT Roorkee Heritage Foundation and I am highly thankful for this. This fellowship is of great advantage to IITR students those who are not able to get funding from funding agencies like DST, CSIR etc.
The conference has provided me a platform for the exchange of ideas and in depth discussions on the topics of  High Tc superconductor, Ferroelectric, composites, liquid crystals, multiferroics, ceramic materials, Hetrostructure, High K dielectrics, etc.
I would also like to congratulate alumni of IITR Heritage Foundation for the establishment of this non profit organization to support IITR students.

Biz Plan Competition

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2009 Biz Plan Competition Results are now out

First Prize Winner:
Beacon Metrology (Co-founder: Sumit Kharbanda IIT Roorkee, Computer Science 1998)
Beacon Metrology has patents pending on its Opto-Thermal scanning technology and initially targets $260 million dopant inspection market. With upto 100X improvement in speed and accuracy over competing solutions, Beacon's technology will enable solar and semiconductor fab lines to increase yields and throughput in silicon wafer production, resulting in substantial cost savings to the industry.

Second Prize Winner: 
DocSnaps (Co-founder: Vinai Kashyap IIT Roorkee, Civil 1991) (
DocSnaps offers effortless online money and record management for individuals and companies.  Capture paper receipts, email payments, and import all your data.  DocSnaps helps you extract financial information, and view real-time reports.  Save time, save money with intelligent bookkeeping and record management.

For more details: Go to Biz Plan Results

Non-Profit Registration

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Registration for the Year 2009

Heritage Foundation Accounts on QuickBooks Online

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Heritage Foundation Accounts are now on QuickBooks Online

Heritage Excellence Awards Launched

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IITR Heritage Foundation announces 41 heritage awards for year 2009 to be given out each year during Alumni Silver/Golden/Diamond Jubilee Function at IITR campus.

Heritage Foundation Website Published on IIT R Campus Web Site

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Heritage Foundation Website now on IIT Roorkee main website.

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