Directed Donors
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$238,343 to create a Chair Professor to accelerate R&D, development, teaching and training in the area of Soil Dynamics and Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering

3-way MOU signed

Mohinder Nayyar

BE (Mech) 1966
Distinguished Alum


$100,000 to establish Travel grants & Excellence awards

3-way MOU signed

Rajendra Aggarwala

BE (Elect) 1953


Rs. 2 lacs corpus fund to establish an annual Rs 10,000 cash Award & Memorial Trophy for Academic Excellence and Outstanding Community Service

Raj Singh

BE (Elect) 1968
Distinguished Alum


$14,177 to sponsor the IITRHF Business Plan Competition

Dr. Rakesh Agrawal

BE (E&C) 1974
Distinguished Alum


$24,000 corpus fund to establish an annual Best Faculty award of Rs 2 lacs

3-way MOU signed

Kiran Panesar

BE (CS) 1989
Distinguished Alum


$1,000 to sponsor IITRHF Heritage Internship Program

Vivek Varma

BE (Ind '83)
ME (Mech '85)


$7,000 collected by 1983 Batch Coral Jubilee in 2018

led by Vivek Varma

1993 batch


$27,100 collected by 1993 Batch Silver Jubilee in 2018

led by Nikhil Jain
BE (CS '93) 


$7,000 to sponsor scholarship in parents name at IITR

3-way MOU signed