Giving Back/ Donations

Many alums remember the time spent at campus “the best days of their lives.” Those were the days of youth, making friends, learning and embracing life with a passion. We gained so much more than just an education from Roorkee, so it is natural that we try to give as much back as we can. The term alma mater is reason enough to give back:

  • Alumni play a large role in determining the future and continued development of an institution.

  • Your donations go a long way to support awards for deserving students.

  • You are giving back to more than just your alma mater in this case; you are also helping someone gain a valuable asset, a feeling and connections to fellow alums by planting a seed of giving back in the mind of younger brothers and sisters at campus.

  • Volunteering your time also benefits your alma mater.

  • When your alma mater continues to remain a popular and prestigious institution, the recognition of your degree increases as well.

  • When alumni contribute openly to their alma mater, it is easier to procure funds from outsiders and other organizations and philanthropists as well.

  • So it is time to connect with your alma mater and start giving back in any way you can (funds or volunteer time).

All donations are welcome. Donations can be made via US $ check, credit card, or US traded equity.
Donations in U
SA are tax deductible under Section 501 (a) of the Internal Revenue Code.
Please p
rovide your batch, year, email, phone, and address for proper recognition on IITRHF website.

(i) Donate by Check: Please make check to: IIT Roorkee Heritage Foundation, and mail to: Treasurer IITRHF, 4353 La Cosa Ave, Fremont, CA 94536, USA

(ii) Donate Stocks: Please contact Aditya Gupta, Treasurer, IITRHF at

(iii) Donate by Credit Card: Click the "Donate" button below. A receipt will be e-mailed to you instantly.

If you need further information, please contact us.

Regards & Best Wishes,

President, IIT Roorkee Heritage Foundation