Pledge a Dream (a pay forward program to fund gaps in financial assistance)

This program facilitates funding of US$500 towards expenses for students to pursue academic or industry internships, etc.

Benefits for Students: Fulfill their dreams, while making a pledge to donate funds in future to IITRHF.
Join the IITRHF donor circle, and feel rewarded of being philanthropic.

Benefits for IITRHF: Serve a larger set of students. Recycle the limited pool of funds of our donor community .

The awardee will pledge to donate the funds received under this program, back to IITRHF, within 1 year of starting employment, or 3 years of joining a Ph.D. or Post Doctoral program

Apply Here: Pledge a Dream Application

Any Q’s, please contact IITRHF at

Students' feedback for our efforts

Program Chair
Job Description

Manoj Goel, BE Mech 1981


Anuj Varshneya, BE Civil 1982

List of Awardees

BArch 4th yr, Jan 2022,
Tech Univ, Dresden, Germany

Supriya Baingaha,
BArch 4th yr, Jan 2022,
at Tech Univ, Dresden, Germany

Jaswant Parihar,
BArch 5th yr, Dec 2020
at Tech Univ, Dresden, Germany

Ujjwal Gupta,
BTech Mech 4th yr, Aug 2020,
at Techion Institute of Tech, Israel

Mrinmoy Sinha,
Metallurgical, Feb 2020,
TMS 2020 conf, San Diego, USA

Akshat Garg,
MTech Geological 4th yr, Nov 2019,
Konkoly Obs, Budapest, Hungary

Dakshit Agrawal,
BTech CS 4th yr, Oct 2019
at ICCV Conf, Seoul, South Korea
Pledge completed - Sep 2021

Niraj Kamal Karunanidhi,
BArch 4th yr, Sep 2019,
at Tech Univ, Dresden, Germany

Ankit Dhankhar,
BTech CS 4th yr, Aug 2019,
NTU, Singapore
Pledge completed - Sep 2021

Kunal Pratap Singh,
BTech Elect 4th yr, Jul 2019
at GIST, Gwangju, South Korea

Harsh Patel,
BTech Elect 4th yr, Jun 2019
NTU, Singapore
Pledge completed - Jul 2021

Mohan Agrawal,
BTech Eng. Physics 4th yr, May
at Univ. of Oslo, Norway
Pledge completed - Mar 2021

Samarth Gubrele,
BTech Mech 3rd yr, Apr 2019
NTU, Singapore