2009 - Doc Snap Wins Pan IIT Competetion

Post date: Dec 02, 2009 6:8:36 AM

DocSnap initially appeared at the Business Plan Competition organized by IIT Roorkee Heritage Fund. Declared winners, they moved on to Pan IIT Chicago and came out winners there as well.

A Blurb about DocSnap:

DocSnaps, founded by IIT-R alumni, was declared the winner out of 70 entries at the recently concluded PanIIT Business Plan competition in Chicago. ( http://paniit2009.org/program/speakers/panel-discussions-session-2-innovation )

DocSnaps is a web application that helps companies easily manage their financial records. Tedious and manual bookkeeping data entry from documents is replaced with automation. Companies and individuals can capture bills, expenses, checks and any other documents at source, automatically extract financial information, create transactions, and manage their records. Financial information can be viewed in drill-down reports or exported to popular accounting software.

For those looking to do their year-end bookkeeping and scrambling to get their expenses into quickbooks or other software, we have the perfect solution. See here: http://www.docsnaps.com/blog/