2019 Harsh Patel

Post date: Jan 27, 2020 4:57:16 AM

I did my internship at NTU Singapore under Prof Alex Kot in the School of Electrical and Electronics Engineering through the NTU-India Connect Research Internship Program. The project was in the field of computer vision titled "Imbalanced object classification/detection", where I developed an algorithmic level approach which improves the accuracy of classes with fewer instances.

I interacted with a lot of students, along with various academic/industrial researchers, which helped me grow both professionally and personally. I got exposure to industrial research as my research done had to be directly deployed in the final product. The internship gave me the necessary International exposure, which will be further helpful for my graduate studies. I, along with my professor, are also planning to write a paper soon.

I was partially funded by NTU for the Internship and had to manage Travel and Living expenses on my own. 'Pledge a Dream' program filled the gap of funding and helped me cover the rest of the costs. For an undergraduate student, even a small amount of funding can reduce the financial barrier to pursue an internship abroad. I want to thank IITR Heritage Foundation, including all its donors, for the help and would urge all the students to use this program's benefits.