Biz Plan Competition

Post date: Jul 17, 2009 2:12:57 AM

2009 Biz Plan Competition Results are now out

First Prize Winner: Beacon Metrology (Co-founder: Sumit Kharbanda IIT Roorkee, Computer Science 1998)

Beacon Metrology has patents pending on its Opto-Thermal scanning technology and initially targets $260 million dopant inspection market. With upto 100X improvement in speed and accuracy over competing solutions, Beacon's technology will enable solar and semiconductor fab lines to increase yields and throughput in silicon wafer production, resulting in substantial cost savings to the industry.

Second Prize Winner: DocSnaps (Co-founder: Vinai Kashyap IIT Roorkee, Civil 1991) (

DocSnaps offers effortless online money and record management for individuals and companies. Capture paper receipts, email payments, and import all your data. DocSnaps helps you extract financial information, and view real-time reports. Save time, save money with intelligent bookkeeping and record management.

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