Heritage Fund Sponsored Paper Presentation

Post date: Jul 17, 2009 2:18:31 AM

Vinod Asokan

A research scholar in Department of Physics was granted the first IIT Roorkee Heritage Foundation scholarship for presenting paper at ICMAT (International Conference on Materials for Advanced Technologies) 2009 in Singapore on June 28 - July 3 , 2009.

Research Work

Using the latest approach of electron-photon line widths for various scattering mechanisms in the relaxation time approach, the thermal conductivity of Bi-Sr-Ca-Cu-O superconductors was analyzed successfully. The concept of electronic thermal conductivity and lattice thermal conductivity was ruled out in the present formulation.

His Response

It was my great pleasure to receive financial assistance from IIT Roorkee Heritage Foundation and I am highly thankful for this. This fellowship is of great advantage to IITR students those who are not able to get funding from funding agencies like DST, CSIR etc.

The conference has provided me a platform for the exchange of ideas and in depth discussions on the topics of High Tc superconductor, Ferroelectric, composites, liquid crystals, multiferroics, ceramic materials, Hetrostructure, High K dielectrics, etc.

I would also like to congratulate alumni of IITR Heritage Foundation for the establishment of this non profit organization to support IITR students.