Year 2010

The IITRHF excellence annual awards recognize students for outstanding academic, co-curricular and extra-curricular achievements. All students including those on loans and scholarships can apply. The award amount is declared annually based on the donor pool.

General awards are funded by the pool of IITRHF Club donors and Seed donors

Personalized awards are funded by IITRHF Seed donors

2009-10 Academic Year Awards (49 awards- one per branch per year):

A check for Rs 5,000 and a certificate were presented to 49 awardees during the Annual Convocation Day at the IIT Roorkee Campus on November 13, 2010. Current Director, Prof S.C. Saxena has been highly supportive to make it possible. Here are some photographs of the ceremony.

Alumni Guest lecture series provides a forum for alumni visiting India to share their expertise with students on campus. IIT Roorkee Heritage Foundation will facilitate the logistics.

Subramaniam Arasakesari

BE Pulp & Paper 1987

Procter & Gamble, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Varun Gupta

B Architecture 2004

FMC Technologies, Houston, Texas, USA

Rakesh Agrawal,

BE E&C 1974

IITR Distinguished Alumni

Technical Fellow and Head of Search Labs, Microsoft Research, Mt. View, California, USA

Ramesh Mehra,

BE Mechanical 1969

IITR Distinguished Alumni

CEO, R-squared, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Sushil Mohan,

BE Industrial 1981

Schlumberger, Houston, Texas, USA

(Posing with mom on his tractor)

Vivek Dutta,

BE Metallurgy 1969

Consultant, Cupertino, California, USA

Vivek Bhatnagar,

BE Metallurgy 1998

Yahoo, Mt. View, California, USA

Ramesh Mehra,

BE Mechanical 1969

CEO, R-squared, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Anil Mehrotra,

BE Mechanical 1967

Plant Engineer, Hampton/NASA Steam Plant, City of Hampton, Virginia, USA

22 Nov 2010

Dept of Paper Technology

19 Nov 2010

Dept of Architecture & Planning

12 Nov 2010

Dept of Electronics & Computer Engg

Process Modeling in the Pulp & Paper Industry

Construction Management Industry in US

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Data Externality

The thesis of this talk is that Internet is enabling applications that become smarter more they are used because of the data generated in the process and that data mining is the key technology for building such applications. We will provide examples from web search in support of the assertion and outline topics for future research.

12 Nov 2010

School of Management

2 Oct 2010

Dept of Earth Sciences

10 Aug 2010

Dept of Metallurgical & Materials Engg

25 Mar 2010

Entrepreneurship 101

Introduction to Pore Pressure and Fracture Gradient Theory .....

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Metallurgy/ Materials Science is more close to physics than engineering. However the main advantage of metallurgists is that often they are confused .....

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Have you ever considered a career in management consulting? Does it require a MBA .....

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Minding Business Affairs and a Balanced Lifestyle

School of Management

22 Mar 2010

School of Management

WHY - Why does one want to take on this journey?

WHO - Who should and should not embark on this journey?

WHAT- The planning before

HOW - The bumps along the road and the joy of the ride.

18 Feb 2010

Energy from Waste

Heritage Foundation Sponsored Paper Presentation

In 2010, following recipients were awarded the Research Paper Grant.


B.B. Gupta,

PhD. Research Scholar in Dept. of ECE

Cashmira Pramanik,


Yogendra K Gautam,

Research Scholar in Dept. of Met. Engg. & Nano Science Lab

Conference Details

ICINC-2010, International Conference on Intelligent Network and Computing, Kualalumpur, Malaysia, Nov 26-28, 2010

ICERI-2010, International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation, Madrid, Spain, Nov 15-17, 2010

MH-2010 (International Symposium on Metal-Hydrogen Systems), Moscow, Russia, July 19-23, 2010